Starting up the numbers


Mid way through with a number 1. pre-shading of course, as I like to do the whole tangle then add shading. I tend to smear a lot if I try shading early. img005



And finished!


Start of Two







A year later…

It has been a whole year since my last posting, but so many new tangles. I decided to work on an alphabet, so most of these will be letters. Some have drawings of things that start with that letter. Click below to see the new Tangles…

Source: A year later…

Newly found my inner artist

About a year ago today Jan Latona (CZT out of Fort Collins, CO) walked into the Larimer County Jail where I work. She started teaching the inmates an art form called Zentangle. While teaching them this art, she also provided them with some handouts on how to do a few of the vast number of Zentangle patterns. I picked up this packet and thought, why not? I have not done art for about 30 years since school, but was terrible at it then. As I tried doing the patterns, I found that it was fun, it passed time, and it got my mind to focus onto something…it was the reason I play video games.

I still sucked at art, but I found that as I practiced, I got a bit better. Even more so when I began assisting Jan with teaching the inmates and then teaching them on my own. I found that they( the inmates)  were having the same benefits I had, the ones touted by the Zentangle program, and some great artwork was coming out of the jail, from their pens and mine too.

I just wanted to share some of the art work I have worked on this year and will post some info, and maybe a story about each work as I am able to update this page.

Clint The Big Spoon

Today is day 1 of the rest of my life.

Stormtrooper before it was finished. this is the episode 7 trooper helmet. Go 501st Legion! Did i say I loved Star Wars, I do, and I did. Stormtrooper Episode 7 04/20/15
Compass Cider
In honor of Compass Cider in Fort Collins,CO ( GREAT Cider! So yeah, when on a ghost tour/brewery tour here in fort collins, we went into Compass Cider. Bob the owner was awesome. He told us stories about the history of cider and his journey with it, took us into the bowels of his shop, and gave us a ton of great cider.(sometimes for free:) ) Someday I’ll print a copy and frame it for them to have. Compass 3/26/15
June~ish 2014 Was going to do the alphabet in Zentangle. Didn’t get far.
I like fire, thought I would try a flame tangle. ~Aug/Sep 2014.
The 4 seasons, July 2014.
2014. I liked the splash of color, not too much saturation.
May~ish 2014 slowly starting to get creative with ideas that aren’t from patterns, and some variations of ones I have tried.
May~ish 2014 seeing how I can take the same base design and change it up from the other heart tangle.
Did this for my son Griffin… Wasn’t my outline, but I LOVED how the different parts are not attached, that when put together, pull into a full image. August 2014
July 2014..Sorry Hawaii and Alaska. I wanted to try to see if I could do a lot of different patterns, succeeded. but missed a few states.
cropped photo of the first version of the dragon. Did this for my son Drake. ~ August 2014. I love the little splash of color…especially since it is fire.
I love the flower and “girly” tangles that are out there that all of the amazing Zentangle artists are doing. I got on a kick starting summer 2014 to start doing more nerdy and “different” tangles. Finished this one 07/16/2014.
I am no artist, have never been one. I wanted to learn to draw eyes, and on my journey to learn art styles I went online and saw a “How to draw eyes” page and tried it in a tangle. From there, I thought, I want to make tears that changed the lines under them much as real drops of water would do to a pattern below. Aug/Sep/Oct 2014
Recognize the dragon, yep, same pattern… I love this pattern. Many of my tangles I have traced or used a drawing to give me inspiration for the outer frame that I could then put patterns into. Better paper, better pens. Thank you Pigma Micron pens. Drake 2 finished 10/26/14.
Star Wars Zentangle
Star Wars, the epic space opera…from movies to games to books…the Star Wars universe has captivated myself and other nerds for years. I wanted to do a Yin Yang for a while, but I HAD to make it mine. Galactic Zentangle 11/12/14
For the Horde! Lok’tar Ogar! “Victory or Death” in orcish. World of Warcraft, my drug of choice for 10 years now. I try to add a new pattern or two each time I do a tangle and this one is no exception. Much of the bottom tangles are patterns I used for the first time. Lok’tar Ogar! 1/15/15
Happy Valentines Day! I couldn’t just make a straight up heart now could I? As I learn how to do better tangles, and as I teach others to do their own, I continue to learn from my students . Learning new art as much as I teach them new methods. This heart showcases the left eye having a bit of torn out pieces around it, and the attempt to make the two sides be different elevations. These techniques I learned from my inmates, and tried it out. Got some work to do, but it was fun nonetheless. Love Kills 02/18/15
Go Rams! Colorado State University, CSU, Heart of Fort Collins. This was a fun one to do,then I added the outer lines….thank God for a ruler. It came out better than I had hoped. CSU Rams 12/01/14
This was my Easter 2015 tangle. I wanted to do a cross for a while, and the holiday made it happen. I somewhat regret the color in the vine and at the bottom, but it still looks good. I like the yellow “glow” and how it all turned out. Celtic Cross 03/12/15